Preschool programs are usually called “Sadochok”. These programs are usually for children aged 3–5. They are often, although not always, located in Ukrainian institutions such as schools and churches, and are sometimes found in conjunction with programs for older pupils. Sadochok programs vary in the amount of Ukrainian language content, ranging from playschools which introduce children to a few basic words in Ukrainian to those that are run totally in Ukrainian for Ukrainian-speaking children. Sadochok programs may run weekdays or weekends.


Садочки – це передшкільні програми для наших наймолодших, звичайно від трьох до п’яти років. У садочку діти мають нагоду погратися зі своїми ровесниками та здобути елементарне знання в українському середовищі. Щодо мовного рівня, ці програми різнородні – деякі ведуться повністю українською мовою, а деякі двомовно, передаючи дітям тільки підставові елементи мови. Заняття відбуваються або під час тижня або суботами. Садочки часто знаходяться при інших українських установах (школах, церквах, тощо).

Ukrainian Bilingual Programs

Ridna Shkola programs are usually for elementary school pupils. They teach basic reading and writing, as well as speaking skills. In the older elementary grades, teachers may touch on some grammar and basic history or geography. These schools are organized and administered by churches, Ukrainian organizations, or independent parent or school committees. Classes usually take place evenings or Saturdays in Ukrainian institutions or rented public schools. Some programs are geared towards the second-language learner who knows little Ukrainian, while others are for children who speak Ukrainian at home and need to learn writing and reading skills.

Kursy Ukrainoznavstva are courses at the junior and senior high level and are almost always conducted entirely in Ukrainian. In addition to advanced reading and writing, these programs include such subjects as grammar, literature, geography, history and culture. Individual subjects are usually taught by specialists.

In some schools, elementary and senior programs are combined, with no distinction being made between the terms “ridna shkola” and “kursy ukrainoznavstva”.

Adult Courses at various levels are available across Canada. Most often, these courses are organized through continuing education departments of educational institutions. They are also sometimes offered through Ukrainian churches, organizations and by private individuals. This site lists only non-credit courses; in addition, Ukrainian language courses may be taken for credit through a variety of post-secondary institutions.